The public has had enough. Mainstream media entities that purport to report unvarnished news must be held accountable for their transgressions — slanting coverage, contorting facts, omitting information. HAL 9000, the futuristic computer in the Space Odyssey series, would go haywire attempting to tally the mushrooming mountain of journalistic crimes perpetrated on an unsuspecting public over the […]

An incumbent GOP governor’s favorability ratings scrape bottom in the low 30s. Sledgehammer budget cuts to education, environmental, and health programs litter his four-year tenure. He takes credit for a rebounding state economy that was actually fueled by Federal Reserve policy and stimulus programs launched in Washington. Spicing this stew of vulnerability are a cartoonish […]

Eight weeks. That’s how long the Tampa Bay Times has possessed information it deemed critical as belonging in the public domain. The credentials and resumes of 83 applicants for the Museum of Science and Industry’s CEO were pried loose following litigation and protracted out-of-court negotiations between the Times and the attorney for MOSI. Since then: […]

The transparent smear campaign by pro-light rail public officials and supportive media outlets against opponents of a Hillsborough County sales tax increase boomeranged on a gargantuan scale this week. The embarrassing fallout traveled 650 miles from Raleigh to Tampa. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, who tried to peddle a sales tax increase to Hillsborough voters […]